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Ultrasonics is a time-tested industry-standard method of asset testing. Pro Integrity NDT® is very experienced in the operation of Ultrasonic equipment used to detect internal and external defects in welding, materials, and components.

Ultrasonic inspection provides a visual indication of internal any material defects such as corrosion, even when those defects are not visible at the surface.
Ultrasonics is a proven method of detecting anomalies in welding, plate, pipe, forgings, and other components. Using Ultrasonics, Pro Integrity NDT can provide complete volumetric coverage for welds or material inspection. We can also use it to detect lack of bonding in clad and overlaid components.

Benefits of this method are:
  • Extremely portable
  • Best method for detecting internal and planar discontinuities
  • Can be used on a wide variety of materials
  • Instant results
  • Only one side of the part is needed for testing
  • Adaptable to automated systems
  • Depth of penetration for flaw detection or measurement is superior to other methods
  • Very safe form of testing for the technician and materials

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Pro Integrity provides Non-Destructive Testing to Canadian companies that need to ensure the quality and performance of their industrial assets. Offering both regular inspection and 24/7 emergency service.