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Asset Integrity Testing

In-Service Pressure Vessel Data Collection
β€œRisk Based In-Service” Pressure Vessel Inspections and β€œRisk Based” Corrosion Management services provide assurance that your data acquisition needs are being met for your corrosion matrix.

We provide experienced senior NDT technicians that are able to fulfil your needs and all regulatory requirements. Our accomplished team thoroughly understands those regulatory requirements along with the importance of reproducibility so that results can be used comparatively year to year. Our standardized method of collecting and reporting the data ensures that you always have quick and easy access to the required information.

The ability to efficiently retrieve photos and drawings combined with the capacity to correlate data over the long term adds value and peace of mind to any Asset Integrity Management Program.

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Pro Integrity NDT - Asset Integrity Testing


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Pro Integrity provides Non-Destructive Testing to Canadian companies that need to ensure the quality and performance of their industrial assets. Offering both regular inspection and 24/7 emergency service.