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Responsible Data Collection and Audit Ready Reporting


Historical and current data is collected and analyzed to prioritize pipeline segments. Pipeline segments are analyzed with respect to Anomalies, SCC, and Mechanical Damage susceptibility. The data is utilized in selecting specific sites along the pipeline R.O.W for Direct Examinations.

Indirect Inspection

Additional data is collected as deemed necessary by the owner / operator to prioritize the selection of segments and dig site selection. Typical indirect inspection methods utilized are close interval surveys (CIS), direct current voltage gradient (DCVG), alternating current voltage gradient (ACVG), and Pipeline Current Mapper (PCM). ILI Tool data once analyzed is also considered and may be all that is required before a dig program is commenced. Additional information about terrain conditions such as soils, topography, drainage etc. is also collected. The Integrity Management Plan (IMP) is then initiated.

Direct Inspection

Procedures to field-verify selected sites detailed in the initial analysis are performed and dig programs are initiated. Above ground measurements and field inspections are documented. The Pro Integrity NDT® team is well trained to perform the initial site data collection directly. Consistent and integrity based data collection such as: soils, drainage, topography, coating condition, anomaly identification and assessment, are all utilized to assess your pipeline conditions. ILI Tool information and the NDT technician’s direct observations can confirm and quantify the presence and or severity of coating anomalies, corrosion, geometric defects and SCC/Linear indications.

Post Assessment and Mitigation

The hard data collected from the above steps are taken into account by project engineers to help determine whether a repair or mitigation is required.

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