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Simple, Fast Detection of Surface Discontinuities

With time being a crucial factor, Pro Integrity NDT® is able to use Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT) to detect surface and near surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and certain alloys. MT can accurately assess the position, dimensions, form and range of deficiencies, but because MT cannot penetrate very far beneath the surface being examined, we use it primarily to detect surface discontinuities.

The principles are relatively straightforward. A magnetic field is induced into the metal being examined, and magnetic particles are applied to the surface, either as a powder or mixed with a liquid medium. A variety of particle colours are available to best highlight flaws in the tested material. Particles collect and gather around the magnetic flux leakage that surrounds any defects. We typically use MT for welds, castings, forgings, valves, machined parts, pressure vessels, and structural steel.



Simple and fast

Extremely portable

Can even work through thin layers of paint

Large surface areas of complex parts can be inspected rapidly

Best at detecting fine, shallow surface cracks


Only ferromagnetic materials can be inspected

Requires relatively smooth surface

Large currents are needed for larger parts

Demagnetization and post cleaning is usually necessary

Only detects surface and near surface discontinuities

Thick paint and or nonmagnetic coverings adversely affect sensitivity

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