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Determining Service Suitability

A key question about pipeline materials involves their susceptibility to corrosion. Pro Integrity NDT® uses Ferrite Testing to provide answers. In addition to corrosion susceptibility, Ferrite Testing allows Pro Integrity NDT to make a technical assessment of mechanical properties, service suitability, and service reliability.

Ferrite is a crystal structure that imparts magnetic properties to iron. The Ferrite Test establishes the prevalence of this structure in the examined metal. Ferrite content analysis is a non-destructive testing method that yields essential data for stainless steel and duplex materials. Typically the quality of a stainless steel weld is assessed on a Ferrite Number scale ranging from 3 to 10, but test results can also be interpreted in accordance with customer requirements. When necessary, reports can be accompanied by drawings to identify tested locations.

Pro Integrity NDT requires both a minimum material thickness and a minimum specimen size for optimum testing.


The test requires only a light contact which leaves no mark.

Ferrite values are determined directly and quickly.


Some welds, depending on their heat treatment, may not respond to the Ferrite probe. For those welds, Pro Integrity NDT calculates Ferrite value from Spark Test (OES) results.

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