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3D laser scanning (CreaformHandyscan) is an innovative, intuitive and highly-effective tool that provides metrology-grade accuracy and resolution for inspection and reverse engineering projects. The equipment is portable and acquires 3D measurements of physical objects for the inspection, maintenance, design, concept, manufacturing, and service industries. The scanner is self-positioned and does not require encoders or mechanical scanners to reference the acquired data. The equipment is capable of producing high productivity rapid scanning speeds without affecting the quality of the acquired data based on real time visualization. The results of the scans are interpreted, analyzed, and reported to client expediently.

For NDT pipeline inspection applications, the 3D laser scanning system including the Pipecheck™ data acquisition/analysis software is capable of reliably and accurately detecting and sizing:

  • Surface imperfections
  • Pitting
  • External corrosion
  • Dents
  • Mechanical damage

For reverse engineering applications, the scanning system is very effective to reliably and accurately acquire 3D measurements of physical objects including:

  • Dies
  • Molds
  • Small tanks
  • Structures

Replacement/restoration parts

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